Your Ultimate Guide to Florence Duomo's Rules and Regulations

Europe's fourth-largest cathedral, the Santa Maria Cathedral, popularly known as the Duomo, is located in the heart of Florence's historic city at Piazza del Duomo. Since it is a cathedral, visitors are expected to abide by some rules and regulations that honor the sanctity of the church.

Florence Duomo Rules & Regulations

Duomo Florence | Rules & Regulations - Dresscode
Duomo Florence | Rules & Regulations - Personal Belongings

Personal Belongings

The Duomo authority does not permit heavy luggage inside the cathedral, however, there is a check room inside the Museum. There are a variety of private storage facilities around the cathedral grounds, like LuggageHero, where you may leave your backpacks and heavy baggage.

Duomo Florence | Rules & Regulations - Accessibity


On the right-hand side of the Duomo Florence, there is an entrance for those with impairments or reduced mobility. There is a TouchAble route built within the monument itself. A single guardian or companion is allowed entry with a visitor with disabilities.

Duomo Florence | Rules & Regulations - Photography


Photography is permissible inside the Duomo Florence, Bell Tower, and other attractions in the Cathedral compound. All photographs must be taken without the use of flashes. Selfie sticks and tripods are strictly prohibited.

Duomo Florence | Rules & Regulations - Cell phones

Cell phones

To avoid disturbing other visitors, it's best to turn off cell phones while seeing the Florence Duomo. Using a cell phone or other electronic device while in the area can be perceived as rude and inconsiderate.

Duomo Florence | Rules & Regulations - Food & Drinks

Food & Drinks

Food and beverages from outside are strictly prohibited inside the Duomo Florence.

Duomo Florence | Rules & Regulations - Smoking


The Florence Duomo is a smoke-free zone. The Florence Duomo authorities or shrine grounds would need to be contacted for smoking rules outside church property. If there aren't designated smoking places, it's safe to presume ‘No smoking’ rules apply.

Duomo Florence | Rules & Regulations - Pets/Guide Dogs

Pets/Guide Dogs

Visitors must go through screening tests to enter the monuments they're visiting. The Santa Maria del Duomo does not permit the presence of pets of any kind.

Duomo Florence | Rules & Regulations - ID proof

ID proof

When guests arrive, they must provide confirmation of their identity. Upon arrival, international individuals are required to provide their visa and passport information.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Florence Duomo Rules and Regulations

Q. What are the most important rules at Florence Duomo?

A. Some of the most important rules at Florence Duomo are maintaining the dress code, prohibition on smoking, food, and beverages, and switching off of cell phones while inside the premises of the cathedral.

Q. What are the general rules I should know about before visiting Florence Duomo?

A. All visitors to Florence's Duomo Cathedral must go through the security screenings. You mut be dressed modestly to be allowed entry. Sharp objects, such as lighters, alcoholic beverages, and knives, are prohibited from being brought into the Cathedral.

Q. What facilities are present at Florence Duomo?

A. Visitors may use the Museum's bathrooms, coffee shop, bookstore, kiosk, and changing facilities prior to visiting the Cathedral.

Q. Can I carry food and drinks inside Florence Duomo?

A. The Florence Duomo prohibits the use of food and drinks brought in from the outside.

Q. Can I take my pet inside Florence Duomo?

A. You can't bring pets inside the Santa Maria del Duomo.

Q. Are guide dogs allowed inside Florence Duomo?

A. Guide dogs are not permitted inside the premises of Santa Maria del Fiore.

Q. What is the Florence Duomo dress code?

A. To enter the cathedral, visitors must be adequately dressed. All visitors to the cathedral are required to remove their sandals, sunglasses, and hats before entering. Avoid wearing low-cut tops, short skirts, and short shorts.

Q. What should I wear to the Florence Duomo?

A. Wearing tunics, comfortable jeans, or traditional clothing would be the best way to go when deciding on your attire for visiting the Duomo.

Q. Is photography permitted at Florence Duomo?

A. Yes, photography is permitted inside the Duomo Florence. All photographs must be taken without the use of a flash. Selfie sticks and tripods are not permitted at the venue.

Q. Do I need ID proof to enter Florence Duomo?

A. Yes, visitors will need to show proof of valid identification while entering the Florence Duomo.

Q. What kind of ID should I carry to Florence Duomo?

A. Guests are required to provide identification proof upon arrival. International visitors must provide their visa and passport details upon arrival.

Q. Is there parking at Florence Duomo?

A. Visitors visiting Florence's Duomo may avail a variety of parking alternatives. Reservations may be made ahead of time, as well as at the last minute or in an emergency.

Q. Is smoking permitted at Florence Duomo?

A. No, smoking is strictly prohibited inside Florence Duomo.

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