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FlorenceBrancacci Chapel

Brancacci Chapel in Santa Maria del Carmine | Home to frescoes that inspired Michelangelo

Step into the Brancacci Chapel, a treasure within the Santa Maria del Carmine church in Florence. Renowned for its groundbreaking Renaissance frescoes by Masaccio and Masolino, this chapel is a pivotal site for art enthusiasts, offering a glimpse into the artistry that inspired Michelangelo. Read on to find out why this chapel is an absolute must-visit while you are in Florence, best ticket options for your visit and more.

Why Visit Brancacci Chapel?

Brancacci Chapel Interior
  • Canvas of Renaissance revolution: The Brancacci Chapel isn't just home to frescoes; it's a gallery of Renaissance innovation. Masaccio's work here marked a dramatic shift towards realism and emotional depth, and are often cited as some of the first great works of the Renaissance.
  • Pioneering techniques on display: Witness the birthplace of perspective in painting. The frescoes, like The Tribute Money and The Expulsion from Paradise by Masaccio showcase groundbreaking use of light and shadow, creating a lifelike depth that was revolutionary for its time.
  • Michelangelo’s muse: The Brancacci Chapel, particularly renowned for its frescoes by Masaccio, played a crucial role in Michelangelo's artistic development. He is known to have spent considerable time in the chapel during his formative years, studying and drawing from the frescoes. The influence is particularly evident in the Sistine Chapel frescoes.
  • Biblical stories brought to life: The frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel are renowned not only for their artistic brilliance but also for their ability to vividly bring biblical stories to life. Take for example, The Tribute Money, which shows the episode of Jesus and the tax collector, illustrating the famous biblical line, "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's.
  • A monument of artistic collaboration: The Chapel stands as a testament to collaboration in the Renaissance era, where Masolino’s graceful figures complement Masaccio’s robust, dynamic characters, offering a diverse visual experience.

Things to know before buying Brancacci Chapel tickets

  • Ensure to book tickets to the Brancacci Chapel in advance as it only allows only 30 visitors at a time. Despite being less frequented by tourists, the limited capacity could mean you might not get to visit the chapel if you haven't purchased tickets in advance.
  • The tickets offer you timed entry. It is necessary that you arrive at the attraction 15 minutes before the scheduled time of your visit to avoid any delays.
  • The Brancacci Chapel isn't wheelchair accessible. Visitors with mobility challenges may find limitations in exploring the chapel due to infrastructure constraints.
  • Entry is free for children below 18 years.
  • Consider renting audio guides to gain deeper insights into the frescoes' narratives, symbolism, and their contribution to art history.
  • Entry is free for children below 18 years.

Explore Brancacci Chapel

The Tribute Money

One of the most iconic frescoes at the chapel is Masaccio's 'The Tribute Money.' This masterpiece vividly portrays the biblical story of Christ instructing Peter to find a coin in a fish's mouth to pay a tax. Notable for its pioneering use of perspective, the fresco creates a breathtaking three-dimensional illusion, bringing the figures and architecture to life.

The Expulsion from Paradise

Masaccio's impact is felt throughout Brancacci Chapel, especially in 'The Expulsion from Paradise.' This masterpiece vividly depicts Adam and Eve's expulsion from Eden, evoking powerful emotions of shame and vulnerability through dramatic lighting and intense expressions.

St. Peter Preaching

The 'St. Peter Preaching' fresco portrays Peter's sermon in Jerusalem from the Acts of the Apostles. Initially attributed to Masaccio, recent restoration confirmed it as solely Masolino's work. The scene emphasizes repentance and baptism, depicting a moment after the Holy Ghost's descent.

Adam and Eve

Masaccio's fresco in the Brancacci Chapel portrays Adam and Eve's expulsion from Eden. The emotional scene illustrates their consequences after disobeying, positioned near Masaccio's 'The Tribute Money' fresco, suggesting a thematic link between humanity's fall and potential redemption through St. Peter and the Catholic Church.

The Baptism of Neophytes

Masaccio's "Baptism of the Neophytes" depicts eager neophytes awaiting baptism by Peter, marking a transformative Renaissance artwork. The fresco's realism, evident in the expressive faces and adept use of light, revolutionized artistry of the era, signifying a pivotal moment in artistic evolution and continuing to inspire art enthusiasts globally.

The Distribution of Alms and Death of Ananias

This pair of frescoes by Masaccio tells two interconnected stories from the Acts of the Apostles. 'The Distribution of Alms' showcases the early Christian community's charity, while 'The Death of Ananias' depicts a dramatic moment of divine judgment. These frescoes provide valuable insights into both biblical narratives and Masaccio's artistic skill.

Plan Your Visit to Brancacci Chapel

Tips & Guidelines
Renaissance art at the Brancacci Chapel - Timings

Weekdays: 10 AM - 5 PM
Holidays: 1 PM- 5 PM
Last admission: 4:30 PM
Closed on: Tuesday - Thursday, December 25th, January 1st, January 7th, Easter, May 1st, July 16th, August 15th

Best time to visit

The ideal time to visit the Brancacci Chapel is on weekday mornings, shortly after it opens at 10 am, to avoid crowds and enjoy the frescoes peacefully. Make a reservation in advance to secure your preferred time slot.

people on the bus

Address: Piazza del Carmine, 14, 50124 Firenze FI, Italy
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Brancacci Chapel aka Cappella Brancacci is located in the Florentine Church of Santa Maria del Carmine. It is famous for its restored frescoes that serve as a reminder of the Italian Renaissance.

Getting There

By bus: Line C4, 6, 11, 131
Nearest stop: Carmine
By tram: T2
Nearest stop: Unità

Queue Outside Brancacci Chapel Entrance

Access to the Brancacci Chapel is facilitated through a museum route that guides visitors from the square to the Cloister and the Sala Capitulare. The chapel is conveniently accessible to individuals using wheelchairs, thanks to the availability of an elevator connecting the Cloister to the chapel. Additionally, all museum rooms opening onto the cloister area are fully accessible, ensuring an inclusive experience for all visitors.

For added convenience, disabled toilets are conveniently located on the ground floor within the cloister, further enhancing the accessibility of the Brancacci Chapel for those with special mobility needs.

Woman in the gift shop
  • Information desk
  • Gift shop
  • Baby-changing facilities
  • Guided tours
  • Audio guides
  • Seating
Tips and Guidelines
  • Quiet exploration: Embrace the opportunity for a peaceful and immersive experience. The limited number of visitors creates an atmosphere conducive to closely examining the details of the frescoes.
  • Time your visit: Plan an afternoon visit to the Brancacci Chapel. After exploring the artwork, consider stopping by the nearby Hidden Pub, opening at 3:00 p.m., for a refreshing break.
  • Natural lighting: Observe the changing shadows cast by natural light, revealing different aspects of the frescoes throughout the day.
  • Family visit: Families with children under 18 can take advantage of the free admission, making it an educational and enlightening experience for younger audiences interested in art and history.
  • Audio guides benefit: Upon arrival, consider renting audio guide tablets to enhance your understanding of the frescoes and their contexts, enriching your overall experience.
  • Respect the space: Preserve the chapel's integrity by refraining from touching or leaning on the frescoes to prevent damage.
  • Visitor etiquette: Be considerate of fellow visitors, maintaining an appropriate distance to ensure a harmonious experience for all.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Brancacci Chapel Tickets

How much is a ticket to the Brancacci Chapel?

The cost of Brancacci Chapel tickets depends on the particular inclusions of the ticket. The standard ticket starts from €11.

How to book tickets to the Brancacci Chapel?

To book tickets for the Brancacci Chapel, visit an authorized platforms, choose your date and ticket type, and follow the online booking process. Ensure you have your confirmation email ready for entry.

Why should I book Brancacci Chapel tickets online?

Booking Brancacci Chapel tickets online offers convenience, allows you to secure your preferred date and time, and may help you avoid long queues at the entrance.

What do Brancacci Chapel tickets include?

Brancacci Chapel tickets typically include access to the chapel itself adorned with renowned frescoes and explore its artistic and historical significance. Some tickets may offer guided tours or access to nearby attractions within the same complex, such as the Cloister or the Sala Capitulare. It's advisable to check the specific inclusions of the ticket you purchase, as offerings may vary.

What is the cancellation policy for Brancacci Chapel tickets?

You can cancel your Brancacci Chapel tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins.

Is it necessary to book tickets in advance?

Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak tourist seasons, to secure your preferred date and time.

Can I purchase tickets on the day of my visit?

On-the-day ticket purchases may be possible, but availability can be limited, especially during peak hours.

Is there a dress code for visiting the chapel?

While there may not be a strict dress code, it's advisable to dress modestly and respectfully when visiting a religious site.

Is the Brancacci Chapel accessible for individuals with mobility challenges?

Yes, the chapel typically offers accessibility features, including an elevator and disabled toilets, to accommodate visitors with special needs.