A Closer look at the treasures inside Duomo Florence

What’s inside the Duomo Florence?

Inside the Florence Duomo, you'll find a wealth of artistic and religious treasures. The interior features beautiful stained-glass windows, intricate frescoes, sculptures, and a stunning mosaic floor. You can explore the main cathedral area, the crypt, and the museum (Museo dell'Opera del Duomo), which houses many sculptures and artifacts from the cathedral complex. Additionally, the Baptistery, known for its impressive bronze doors, is part of the Duomo complex and worth a visit.

Discovering the inside of Duomo Florence

inside Duomo Florence
inside Duomo Florence

Marble Choir of Bandinelli

Baccio Bandinelli's Marble Choir, designed in 1547 for Florence Cathedral's 700th anniversary, served as a liturgical focal point beneath Brunelleschi's dome. It harmonized spatial volumes, hosting significant ceremonies. Dismantled in 1842, it enclosed the sacred space around the high altar.

inside Duomo Florence

Stained Glass Window by Lorenzo Ghiberti

The exquisite stained-glass windows inside Duomo Florence were crafted by masters Donatello, Ghiberti, and Andrea del Castagno. These vibrant works of art narrate compelling stories through intricate details, showcasing a mesmerizing play of light and shadow that adds a rich layer to the cathedral's interior.

inside Duomo Florence

Clock by Paolo Uccello

The 15th-century clock by Paolo Uccello in Duomo Florence showcases artistic and mechanical brilliance. An epitome of Uccello's skill, this intricately designed timepiece not only tells the hours but also adds aesthetic beauty, contributing to the cathedral's rich heritage.

inside Duomo Florence

Bronze Doors by Luca della Robbia

Robbia's bronze doors, completed in 1469 for the cathedral's sacristy project, present a simpler composition with a few figures against a flat background, in contrast to Lorenzo Ghiberti's intricate baptistery doors. Despite their restrained approach, these doors are a significant testament to artistic progression in Duomo.

inside Duomo Florence
inside Duomo Florence

Polychrome Marble Carpet

The Polychrome Marble Carpet in Duomo Florence is a vibrant mosaic of marbles creating an intricate floor pattern. Balancing rich colors and intricate details, it showcases the cathedral's remarkable craftsmanship. More than just a floor, it's a lasting work of art.

Duomo Florence interior

The cathedral's construction began in the Gothic style in the 13th century, featuring pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and large windows with intricate tracery. The completion of the cathedral's dome by Filippo Brunelleschi in the 15th century marked the transition to Renaissance design. The dome is a masterpiece of Renaissance engineering and aesthetics. Notable contributors include Lorenzo Ghiberti, Donatello, Andrea del Castagno, and Paolo Uccello.

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Frequently asked questions about what’s inside Duomo Florence

What can I expect to see inside Duomo Florence?

Inside Duomo Florence, you can expect to encounter a wealth of artistic treasures. Notable features include the elegant spaces of the three naves, a marble choir by Bandinelli, stained-glass windows by Donatello, Ghiberti, and Andrea del Castagno, and a unique clock by Paolo Uccello. The interior also boasts a splendid carpet of polychrome marbles and Vasari's frescoes adorning the immense Dome.

How does the Duomo Florence showcase the breadth of Renaissance art?

The Duomo Florence serves as a splendid showcase of Renaissance art, featuring architectural brilliance by Filippo Brunelleschi and interior masterpieces by artists like Donatello and Ghiberti. The Florence cathedral stands as a testament to Renaissance innovation and cultural richness, highlighting the period's artistic and architectural achievements.

How big is the Duomo Florence?

The Duomo Florence, officially known as the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, is a massive cathedral. Its dimensions include a length of about 153 meters (502 feet), a width of approximately 38 meters (124 feet), and a height of around 114.5 meters (376 feet) from the floor to the tip of the cross on the lantern. The iconic dome, designed by Filippo Brunelleschi, has a diameter of about 45.5 meters (149 feet).

Can I take a tour inside Duomo Florence?

Yes, you can take a guided tour of Duomo Florence. This is a great way to gain an in-depth understanding of the history, architecture, and cultural significance of the cathedral.

What are the most iconic features inside Duomo Florence?

The most special features and rooms inside Duomo Florence include:
- Brunelleschi's Dome: A masterpiece of Renaissance architecture, the dome is a symbol of Florence and offers stunning panoramic views of the city.
- Stained-Glass Windows: Adorning the cathedral, these windows are works of art by masters such as Lorenzo Ghiberti and depict scenes like the Assumption of Mary.
- Marble Choir by Bandinelli: An elegant marble choir showcasing the artistic prowess of Bandinelli.
- Clock by Paolo Uccello: A unique and mysterious clock inside the cathedral.
- Polychrome Marble Carpet: A mosaic of vibrant marbles forming an intricate floor pattern, representing exceptional craftsmanship.
- Frescoed Interior: The interior of the dome is entirely frescoed by Vasari, creating a visually stunning and expansive space.
- Crypt of Santa Reparata: Beneath the current cathedral lies the remains of the ancient cathedral of Santa Reparata. The excavations are open to the public, revealing the foundations and history of the earlier structure.

Can you describe the interior layout of the Duomo Florence?

The interior of Duomo Florence showcases a classic basilica plan with a central nave and two side aisles. The spacious and elegant design, adorned with marble columns, leads to the magnificent high altar. Visitors can explore side chapels housing notable artworks, intricate mosaics, and significant historical elements. The interior layout harmoniously reflects the grandeur of Renaissance architecture.

User Can you highlight any unique architectural features found inside?

The interior of Duomo Florence boasts unique architectural features, including a stunning marble choir by Bandinelli, intricate stained-glass windows crafted by Renaissance masters like Donatello and Ghiberti, and an exceptional clock designed by Paolo Uccello. The immense frescoes by Vasari within the dome add to the extraordinary architectural richness, making it a Renaissance masterpiece.

Is it free to go inside the Duomo Florence?

Access to the main body of the Cathedral (Duomo) in Florence is free of charge. Visitors can enter and explore the interior without purchasing a ticket. However, certain areas and attractions within the complex, such as climbing the Bell Tower or Dome or visiting the Crypt, Baptistery & Museum, may require a ticket for admission.

Are there any exhibitions and events that take place inside the Duomo Florence?

Inside the Duomo Florence, various recurring events and celebrations enrich the cultural experience. The Feast of St. Reparata on October 8th, the Feast of the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore on September 8th, and the solemn procession of the Magi on January 6th are among the notable events. Additionally, during December and January, the Cathedral hosts The Crib, providing a festive atmosphere for visitors to enjoy the holiday season. These events offer a deeper connection to the historical and cultural significance of the Duomo.

Is photography allowed inside?

Yes, photography is allowed inside the Duomo Florence. Visitors are welcome to take photographs without using a flash. However, the use of selfie sticks and tripods is not permitted inside the venue.

Are there facilities for people with special needs?

The Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore ensures accessibility for individuals with special needs at Piazza Duomo. Ramps, lifts, and inclusive services are available, with wheelchairs provided at the entrance. Service animals are allowed with certification. The Accessibility Office offers tactile paths and guided tours tailored to various needs, such as visual impairments, all by appointment.

Are there rest areas or lounges inside for visitors to relax?

While there may not be designated lounges, visitors can find seating areas inside the Duomo Florence to rest and admire the surroundings. Additionally, the outdoor spaces of Piazza Duomo offer benches and steps where visitors can take a break while enjoying the magnificent architecture.

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