Duomo Florence dress code: What to wear for your visit

Why does Duomo Florence have a dress code?

Duomo Florence

The Duomo is both a place of worship and a cultural landmark, and its dress code serves several purposes. It ensures visitors show proper respect for the sacred nature of the cathedral, preserving its religious significance.

Furthermore, the dress code upholds the cultural heritage of the landmark by encouraging decorum. Standardized rules ensure fairness and consistency for all visitors, fostering a respectful atmosphere within this iconic monument.

Duomo Florence dress code explained



  • Shoulders & knees covered: Ensure that your attire covers your shoulders and extends below your knees.
  • Modest clothing: Choose clothing that is modest and respectful, avoiding revealing or provocative outfits.
  • Appropriate footwear: Wear comfortable and modest footwear, avoiding sandals or flip-flops.
  • No head coverings: Remove hats or head coverings upon entering the Duomo.

For women

  • Dresses or skirts: Choose dresses or skirts that extend below the knees. Pants or jeans would work too.
  • Covered shoulders: Wear tops or blouses with sleeves that cover the shoulders.
  • Appropriate tops: Refrain from wearing backless and/or low-cut tops.

For men

  • Long trousers: Opt for long trousers that cover the knees.
  • Sleeved shirts: appropriate T-shirts and shirts covering shoulders are preferable for men.
  • Prohibited prints & graphics: The dress code prohibits shirts or T-shirts with obscene or inappropriate prints and graphics.

For kids

  • Follow general guidelines: Children should adhere to the general dress code, covering their shoulders and knees, similar to adults.
  • Consider temperature: While maintaining the dress code, choose clothing appropriate for the weather to ensure comfort during the visit.

What you cannot wear at the Duomo Florence?

  • Exposed shoulders: Cover shoulders; avoid sleeveless tops or bare-backed clothing.
  • Shorts & miniskirts: Choose attire that extends below the knees; avoid shorts and miniskirts.
  • Sandals & high heels: Sandals are not allowed, and high heels are discouraged due to safety concerns on uneven surfaces.
  • Inappropriate prints: Clothing with obscene or inappropriate prints or graphics is not permitted.
  • Hats: Remove hats or head coverings upon entering the Duomo.

What to do when you aren't following the Duomo Florence dress code?

  • Cover up: If your attire doesn't meet the requirements, consider carrying a shawl or scarf to cover exposed shoulders or knees.
  • Visit nearby shops: Explore nearby shops for affordable clothing options that comply with the Duomo dress code.
  • Ask for help: Even if not in compliance, maintain a respectful attitude, as staff may offer solutions or exemptions.

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Frequently asked questions about Duomo Florence dress code

What is Duomo Florence dress code?

The Duomo dress code requires visitors to dress modestly, covering both shoulders and knees. Sleeveless tops, shorts, and skirts that do not extend below the knees are not permitted. Footwear such as sandals and high heels is discouraged, and head coverings, including hats, should be removed upon entering.

Where does the Duomo dress code apply?

The Duomo dress code applies to various sites within the Firenze Duomo complex, including the interior of the cathedral/duomo, the bell tower, dome, baptistry, and the museum. You must keep their shoulders and knees covered and maintain modest attire, especially inside the duomo. It is recommended to adhere to the dress code in all other locations within the Duomo complex, ensuring a respectful and appropriate visit.

How strict is the dress code at the Florence Duomo?

The dress code at the Duomo is rigorously enforced, and visitors not following the guidelines may be denied entry. Instances of individuals being turned away due to inappropriate attire have been reported. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit to Florence, it is essential to fully comply with the dress code rules.

Are there penalties for not following the dress code?

Well, there's no official "penalty" per se for not sticking to the dress code at the Duomo. But if you don't meet the guidelines, they might just deny entry altogether considering the religious, historical and cultural significance of the site. They're pretty particular about the length of your pants and making sure those shoulders are covered. So, better play it safe and follow the rules to enjoy your visit without any hiccups!

Can I wear sandals to the Duomo?

No, both men and women are not allowed to wear sandals at the Duomo. It is recommended to choose sneakers for a suitable and comfortable footwear option. Additionally, it's advisable to steer clear of flip-flops; although not explicitly mentioned in the dress code, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Can I wear leggings to the Duomo?

Yes, you can wear leggings to the Duomo since they are long enough to cover your entire leg. However, it's recommended to avoid overly clingy clothing, such as leggings, when visiting religious buildings in Italy, as a sign of respect for the sacred environment.

Can you wear jeans to the Duomo?

Yes, you can wear jeans to the Duomo as long as they cover your knees and aren't too low-rise, adhering to the Duomo dress code. However, it's advisable to reconsider wearing jeans during the hot summer or shoulder seasons in Florence when temperatures rise. Jeans may be more practical during the winter. While jeans are generally acceptable, be cautious with specific styles like ripped jeans or skinny jeans, as they may have restrictions, especially if the rips expose knees or thighs.

Can you wear a skirt with a slit to the Duomo?

It's recommended to avoid wearing skirts with slits when visiting the Duomo. While skirts are acceptable, the dress code prioritizes modesty. Opting for a long Maxi skirt without a slit ensures compliance with the guidelines. This helps prevent any uncertainty or potential inclusion in the list of what not to wear, demonstrating respect for the Duomo's dress code regulations.

Is there a specific dress code for children?

While there are no specific restrictions for the kids, do adhere to the general dress code, which includes covering shoulders and knees.

What are the rules about covering your head at the Duomo?

The Duomo dress code does not require visitors to cover their heads. In fact, hats and head coverings are to be removed upon entering the Duomo. So, there is no need to cover your head while inside the Duomo.

Can I wear a sleeveless dress with a shawl?

Wearing a sleeveless dress with a shawl is a practical solution to adhere to the dress code. The shawl can be used to cover exposed shoulders, aligning with the modesty requirements. This allows visitors to maintain comfort while respecting the guidelines set by the Duomo dress code.

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