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Florence, the capital city of Italy's Tuscany region, was the birthplace of the Renaissance period. The vibrant city boasts a fascinating culture of art and history and is the perfect destination for all explorers. Visit Accademia Gallery or Uffizi Gallery to be surrounded by unmatchable artworks. Make your way to discover the city's most iconic landmarks including, Florence Duomo, Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Boboli Gardens, to immerse in an artistically enriching experience. offers an array of popular experiences to visit for the best price guaranteed. Explore the city and get great deals on your Florence attraction tickets - all accessible just within a click of a button.

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Top Attractions in Florence

Get ready to step out and explore the magical city of Florence. From Uffizi Gallery to Accademia Gallery, Duomo Florence and more, there are lots to unfold. Here is a list of top Florence attractions that you must see when visiting with your loved ones.

Why Visit Florence

Florence is brimming with fascinating art, history and beautiful buildings - all with a small-town feel. The city has a new story to tell at every corner that you turn and brings you fun facts and gorgeous buildings that you simply, cannot miss out on. While Florence may not be the obvious choice that comes to mind when you think of Italy, it will be one of your top destinations once you've visited the place.

  • Admire the beautifully preserved architectural masterpieces in the Renaissance style. Florence Cathedral, Palazzo Pitti and San Marco are a few worth visiting.
  • The city is also home to world-renowned artists including, Masaccio, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. You can now discover their finest creations inside museums such as the Accademia Gallery and the iconic Uffizi Gallery.
  • Florence also offers exciting day trip experiences to explore nearby towns. Get a chance to witness the magnificent Leaning Tower of Pisa, mini beaches or the historic city of Siena for an unforgettable experience.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Florence attraction tickets now to begin your journey. Indulge in unlimited fun and adventure whilst being a part of the city’s vibrant culture.

Know Before You Go

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Florence Attractions

Time Zone: CEST — Central European Summer Time. Current Offset: UTC/GMT +2 hours

Currency: Euro - EUR - €

Country Code: +39

Emergency Numbers: Dial 113 for Police. Dial 115 for Fire Department. Dial 118 for Medical Emergency.

Florence Attractions
  • The best time to visit Florence are from April to June and September to October.
  • April to June sees spring, with mellow weather and the landscapes awash with peculiar flowers all along the Tuscan countryside.
  • September and October, the months of autumn are also great months to visit Florence with a magical nip in the weather and a lot of outdoor events to participate in.
Florence attractions

Bus: Buses in Florence are primarily run by ATAF and are either orange or deep purple and white. A single ticket is valid for 90 minutes and you can get tickets from any sales point displaying the ATAF stickers. There's also an ATAF ticket booth in Piazza Stazione where you can purchase tickets from.

Trams: There's one electric tram line running in Florence, from Via Alamanni station to the suburbs of Scandalli. There are 14 stops in total and the entire journey takes around 25 minutes. The second tram line connects Piazza dell'Unita Florence Airport.

Taxis: Unlike other big cities where you can just flank down a taxi, things are a little different in Florence. Here, you can either locate a taxi rank or book your taxi by calling one of the two main operators in the city, Taxi Radio and Taxi Socota. You can also book a taxi using private app-based taxi services.

Florence attractions
  • Explore the finest art collections in Europe at Accademia Gallery and Uffizi Gallery.
  • Go on a guided tour through the Siena Cathedral and learn more about the history of the Duomo and the many rare art pieces held here, including sculptures by the Renaissance Masters.
  • Explore one of the wonders of the ancient world and easily one of the most familiar structures in the modern world, the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
  • Discover the best of Renaissance art and the pristine architecture of the 14th century as you explore the Palazzo Vecchio - popularly known as the city center of Florence.
  • Visit the Duomo, the majestic Renaissance basilica that towers over the city of Florence. Climb to the top of the cupola to get spectacular views of the city and pick up fascinating facts about the cupola's history.
Florence Attractions
  • One of the best ways to explore Florence is on foot. The beautiful city is pretty compact and you can actually travel to each of the city's main attractions within 20 minutes from the city centre.
  • Learn a few essential Italian phrases before your trip. While people will understand English, your effort to learn Italian will be appreciated. Here are a few common phrases you can learn:
    Hello: Buongiorno Bye: Ciao Thank you: Grazie Please: Per favor You're welcome: Prego
  • A lot of museums, shops and restaurants in Florence remain closed on Mondays. So don't be disheartened if you come across a closed sign.
  • From antique goods to organic produce, there's plenty to buy at Florence's local markets. These markets are located at Cascine Park, San Lorenzo Central Market and Sant'Ambrogio.
  • Book your tickets for museums and other attractions online. Not only can save you a lot by opting for combo deals but you also get to skip the queue at the ticket counter for these attractions.

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Booking Your Florence Attraction Tickets: FAQs

Where can I buy Florence attraction tickets?

Many of the popular attractions let you purchase tickets at the venue. You can also book your Florence attraction tickets in advance online. is the best option to find tickets to most of the thrilling activities in the city at the best price guaranteed.

What can I do in Florence on a budget?

Florence has lots of attractions that are worth visiting. If you’re on a budget, we suggest getting discounts tickets from to visit sights like Boboli Gardens, Duomo Florence, Accademia Gallery and Uffizi Gallery. You can also opt for Florence day trips to explore nearby towns which are convenient and cost-effective. These trips give you access to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, San Gimignano, Siena, Monteriggioni and lots more

Why should I book Florence attraction tickets online?

While many attractions do offer on-site ticketing service, it is strongly recommended to book your ticket online as this guarantees your slot for the selected date and time. Unlike advance booking, tickets sold on the spot can get sold out quickly, especially during busy hours.

How can I get cheap Florence attraction tickets?

There are lots of options for you to select where reduced priced tickets are offered. lets you choose from a wide range of attractions at great prices.

Can I cancel my Florence attraction tickets?

While many attraction tickets have a flexible cancellation policy, it can vary depending on which experience you book for.

What are the best attractions to see in Florence?

There are so many popular attractions that welcome thousands of visitors each year. Uffizi Gallery, Duomo Florence, Accademia Gallery, Boboli Gardens and Medici Chapel are among the top attractions in Florence worth visiting.

What are some free attractions that I can see in Florence?

Wandering through Piazza del Duomo, viewing the sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo and exploring Piazza Della Signoria are some of the top free attractions that you must see when visiting Florence.

How much time should I spend in Florence?

It depends on your interest in art and architecture, combined with budget constraints. People usually spend around 2 to 3 days exploring the city’s museums, monuments, gardens or Tuscan vineyards.

Can I climb on top of the Duomo?

The magnificent vista of Florence from atop the Duomo is memorable, but you will have to climb more than 500 steps to reach the top. Also, book your tickets for the Duomo climb beforehand, as they tend to sell out.

Is Florence safe for women?

Crime rates are low in Florence compared to America or other European cities. Taking normal precautions should be enough to safely enjoy your trip to Florence. But Florence does have a high rate of petty crime like pickpocketing and snatching.

Is wine cheaper in Florence?

The Tuscan region is home to some of the choicest wines of the world. You can buy good wine at a reasonable rate in Florence, some locals even take empty wine bottles to the shop and fill up!

Do you need to know Italian to visit and enjoy Florence?

Knowing Italian is not necessary while visiting Florence. Just remember a few common phrases and words and you will be set for a smooth vacation.

Should I tip the service staff after eating in a restaurant in Florence?

It’s considered polite to tip the service staff 1 to 5 euros if you sit at a restaurant unless they already apply a cover charge called ‘coperto’.