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Magic of Strozzi Palace Exhibitions | Incredible Art, Stories, and Joys!

Embark on a journey to Strozzi Palace, a magnificent cultural destination that boasts a rich tapestry of art, history, and inspiration. Just like Rome, known as the "Eternal City," this grand palace is a hub of captivating exhibitions that showcase the brilliance of renowned artists. Immerse yourself in the world of masterpieces by beholding works from visionary talents like Bernini, Caravaggio, and Raphael. As you step into Strozzi Palace, prepare to be enchanted by the timeless allure of its collections, leaving you with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Why Attend a Strozzi Palace Exhibition?

Strozzi Palace Exhibition
  • Immerse Yourself in Artistic Brilliance: Strozzi Palace exhibitions offer a captivating journey through the world of art, showcasing masterpieces from renowned artists across different eras.
  • Unveil Rich Cultural Heritage: Experience the cultural heritage of the palace, which has hosted prestigious exhibitions that explore diverse themes and artistic movements.
  • Encounter Iconic Artworks: Discover famous works by acclaimed artists likeLeonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Monet, Van Gogh, and Botticelli.
  • Explore Varied Art Forms: From paintings to sculptures, installations to multimedia displays, Strozzi Palace exhibitions encompass a wide range of artistic expressions, offering something for every art enthusiast.
  • Delve into Fascinating Themes: Engage with thought-provoking exhibitions that delve into diverse topics, providing unique perspectives and stimulating conversations.
  • Expand Your Artistic Knowledge: Strozzi Palace exhibitions provide an educational and enriching experience, allowing visitors to deepen their understanding of art history and cultural significance.

Strozzi Palace Exhibitions 2023

Upcoming Shows

Strozzi Palace Exhibition - Reaching for the Stars

Reaching for the Stars

Date: 4 March - 18 June, 2023

Location: The exhibition will be held in the Strozzi Palace. 

Curated by: Arturo Galansino, Director General of the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi

Featuring over 70 remarkable works from the esteemed Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Collection, Reaching for the Stars immerses you in the diverse and evolving world of today's art. Engage with thought-provoking installations, enigmatic paintings, and multimedia creations by renowned artists like Sarah Lucas, Anish Kapoor, and Damien Hirst. Explore themes of identity, resilience, and social dynamics through the lens of contemporary masterpieces. Experience critical engagement and embrace the future of art in this exhilarating exhibition.

Strozzi Palace Exhibition - Yan Pei-Ming

Yan Pei-Ming

Date:  7 July - 3 September 2023

Location: The exhibition will be held in the Strozzi Palace

Curated by: Arturo Galansino, Director General of the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi

Experience the captivating world of Yan Pei-Ming's "Painting Histories" at Strozzi Palace. Delve into the Franco-Chinese artist's profound reflection on painting, where history and contemporaneity collide. Immerse yourself in monumental canvases that fuse famous artworks, public figures, and intimate subjects. Discover the powerful research behind his striking works, exploring the dynamic relationship between image and reality.

How to Book Tickets for Strozzi Palace Exhibitions?

To enjoy the Strozzi Palace exhibitions, it is necessary for visitors to make advance reservations. Choose your desired exhibition, select a date and time slot, and provide payment details. Bring the e-tickets or booking confirmation on the day of the visit. Advance booking is recommended due to limited availability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Strozzi Palace Exhibition

How long do the exhibitions at Strozzi Palace typically last?

The duration of the exhibitions at Strozzi Palace varies, but on average, visitors can expect them to be available for about a month.

What types of art are included in the Strozzi Palace exhibitions?

The exhibitions at Strozzi Palace encompass a wide range of art forms, including paintings, sculptures, installations, and multimedia creations.

Are there any temporary exhibitions alongside the permanent collection at Strozzi Palace?

Yes, Strozzi Palace regularly hosts temporary exhibitions alongside its permanent collection, offering visitors the opportunity to explore diverse and thought-provoking displays.

Can I visit multiple exhibitions during one visit to Strozzi Palace?

Yes, with a single admission ticket, visitors can access all the exhibitions available at Strozzi Palace, allowing them to immerse themselves in multiple artistic experiences.

How much time should I allocate to fully appreciate an exhibition at Strozzi Palace?

The recommended duration to fully appreciate an exhibition at Strozzi Palace varies depending on its size and complexity. On average, visitors often spend around 1-2 hours exploring the exhibitions.

Are there audio guides or guided tours available for the Strozzi Palace exhibitions?

Yes, Strozzi Palace offers audio guides and guided tours for the exhibitions, providing insightful commentary and enhancing the visitor's understanding and appreciation of the artworks.

Can I take photographs or videos during the Strozzi Palace exhibitions?

Photography and videography policies may vary for different exhibitions at Strozzi Palace. It is advisable to check with the staff or signage at the exhibition regarding any specific restrictions or permissions.

Are there any interactive activities or workshops related to the Strozzi Palace exhibitions?

Strozzi Palace occasionally organizes interactive activities and workshops in collaboration with the exhibited artists, offering visitors opportunities to engage, learn, and participate in the creative process.