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Tourists wander through the spacious Uffizi Gallery courtyard, lined with statues and arches, a quiet prelude to the art treasures within
  • What are the Uffizi Gallery opening hours?
    The Uffizi Gallery is generally open from 8:15 AM to 6:30 PM, Tuesday through Sunday. It is closed on Mondays.
  • Where is the Uffizi Gallery located?
    The Uffizi Gallery is at Piazzale degli Uffizi, 6, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy. Get directions.
  • How many entrances does the Uffizi Gallery have?
    The Uffizi Gallery has two main entrances.
  • How many number visitors does the Uffizi Gallery see per year?
    The Uffizi Gallery hosts approximately 2-3 million visitors annually.

Travelers boarding a bus, backpacks in tow, ready for a day of art at Uffizi Gallery, accessible by Florence's public transport

By public transportation

By train: Take line R
Closest station: Santa Maria Novella (SMN) Station (1.3 km)

By bus: Lines C3, C1, 23, 23A, 23B, 23N, C4 and C2.
Closest stop: Diaz (250 m)

By airplane: Arrive at Florence’s Amerigo Vespucci airport, 9.7 km, then take the shuttle bus "VOLA IN BUS" to Santa Maria Novella station or a taxi.

Close-up of a driver's hands on the steering wheel, navigating through Florence to the Uffizi Gallery, where art and history await

By car

Uffizi gallery is pretty close to Santa Maria Novella (SMN) train station. You can just enter your destination on GPS and head towards the city center of Florence. Here are some nearby parking facilities available:

  • Garage Palazzo Vecchio: 200 m away from the gallery.
  • Garage Ponte Vecchio: Located 400 m away from Uffizi.
  • Garage Tintori: 450 m from the gallery.

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Eager art lovers walk through the historic corridor of Uffizi Gallery, a scene where 'skip the line' tickets promise immediate access to Renaissance masterpieces
Visitors framed by the grand arches of the Uffizi Gallery's entrance, with statues standing sentinel on either side, welcoming art enthusiasts
Visitor using an ATM keypad, one of the convenient facilities available for tourists at the Uffizi Gallery
  • ATM: On the ground floor, near the exit.
  • Baby Pit Stop: On the ground floor near the Granducale staircase and on the mezzanine floor near the Lanzi staircase.
  • Cloakroom: Store small belongings such as umbrellas and backpacks at the cloakroom located just past the entrance. For larger objects, use the cloakroom close to the Ticket Office.
  • Elevators: At the entrance and exit of the venue.
  • Post Office: Near the exit.
  • Restrooms: Available on every floor. All restrooms are accessible.
  • Info desk: Located on the left side of Piazzale degli Uffizi, close to Piazza della Signoria.
  • Cafeteria: Located on the second floor. Terrace with panoramic view.
  • Bookshop: Near exit (Ground floor): Books, Gallery-inspired gadgets, and art history books.
Close-up of a person navigating a wheelchair, representing the Uffizi Gallery's commitment to accessibility for all visitors
  • Wheelchair accessibility: The Uffizi Gallery is wheelchair accessible, with ramps and elevators available.
  • Entrance: Accessible entrance at Door 1 under the colonnade, with a ramp in via della Ninna.
  • Elevator service: Elevator at Door 1 for direct access to the second floor.
  • Rentals: Free wheelchair and walker rentals at the accessible entrance (Door 1).
  • Electric scooters: Limited use, evaluated case-by-case for safety.
  • Guide dogs: Guide dogs allowed; assistance dogs with proper certification are permitted.
  • Toilets: Accessible toilets on the second and first floors; additional facilities in specific areas.
  • Priority entry: Priority access for visitors with disabilities; free access for one accompanying relative.
A 'Do Not Touch' sign at the Uffizi Gallery, one of the essential rules to preserve and respect the art on display.
  • Group limit: 16 people; whisper system for groups over 6.
  • Appropriate clothing for formal setting required; no barefoot walking.
  • Visitors under 12 years must be accompanied.
  • Silence mobile phones.
  • Avoid ouching artworks, leaning on sculptures.
  • Running, eating, drinking and smoking inside the premises is prohibited.
  • No flash photography, selfie sticks, tripods.
  • Don't bring knives, firearms, or animals (except certified assistance animals).
  • Submit LAG products for inspection.
  • Follow security personnel instructions.
Art enthusiasts engaged in a lively discussion at an exhibition, with vibrant paintings in the background, capturing the interactive spirit of Uffizi Gallery events
Visitor contemplates the classical art collection in the red-walled room of Uffizi Gallery, showcasing the rich history and grandeur on display
A bustling view from above of the Uffizi Gallery's entrance, where nearby shops add to the cultural tapestry, enticing art lovers and shoppers alike
  • Uffizi Gallery gift shop: Located at the exit on the ground floor. You will find books and gallery-inspired gadgets here.
  • Ponti Vecchio: Just a short walk from the Uffizi, Ponte Vecchio is known for its historic shops, particularly jewelry stores. It's a great place to find unique pieces.
  • Markets: The San Lorenzo Market and Mercato Centrale are nearby markets where you can explore local crafts, leather goods, and fresh produce.
  • Via dei Calzaiuoli: This bustling street is lined with shops offering a variety of items, including clothing, accessories, and souvenirs.
  • Boutiques in Piazza della Signoria: Explore the area around Piazza della Signoria for boutique shops where you can find high-quality Italian fashion and accessories.
A visitor enjoying a leisurely coffee and croissant, part of the dining offerings near Uffizi Gallery for a perfect art-filled day
  • Caffeteria Galleria Degli Uffizi: You will find a cafeteria on the Uffizi terrace, on the second floor of the gallery. You can enjoy a quick snack and beverage as you enjoy the panoramic view of Florence.

    However, if you are looking forward to a meal after your visit, here are some nearby options:
  • Trattoria Antico Fattore: Savour some traditional Tuscan food and Chianti wine at this restaurant that's been around since 1865.
  • Trattoria Napoleone: Craving some steak or pasta? Then, look no further. Opt for outdoor seating here, so you can soak in the energy of Piazza del Carmine, one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Florence.
  • Osteria Vecchio Vicolo: The food and ambiance that the restaurant offers have been at the receiving end of rave reviews. Enjoy a glass of wine with some Tuscan-style food.
Expansive view of the stately Pitti Palace, a Renaissance marvel near the Uffizi Gallery, set against a backdrop of Tuscan hills and clear blue skies
  • Palazzo Pitti: This Renaissance-style palace feature works by great artists like Raphael and Titian, alongside treasures accumulated by the Medicis and their successors.
  • Accademia Gallery: One of the most popular museums in Florence, the Accademia Gallery is home to an impressive collection of Trecento, Renaissance, and Gothic art.
  • Boboli Gardens: This 11-acre open-air museum and garden set right in the heart of Florence feature lush greenery, majestic fountains, and stunning Renaissance and ancient artworks.
  • Palazzo Vecchio: Known for its Salone dei Cinquecento hall, three beautiful courtyards, and stunning frescoes, the Palazzo Vecchio museum gives us insight into the past of the city.
  • Duomo Florence: A strong symbol of the Italian Renaissance movement, the Duomo is easily recognizable through its red dome.
Is Uffizi Gallery worth visiting?

Absolutely! The Uffizi Gallery is home to some of the most famous and important works of art in the world, including Botticelli's Birth of Venus and Michelangelo's Doni Tondo. Even if you're not a huge art fan, you're sure to be impressed by the sheer beauty and historical significance of the collection.

What are the Uffizi Gallery opening hours?

The Uffizi is open from 8:15 am to 6:50 pm, Tuesday to Sunday, with the last admission at 5:30 PM. It’s closed on Mondays, 1 January and 25 December.

How long should I spend at Uffizi Gallery?

Plan to spend at least 2-3 hours to appreciate the major works and exhibitions. Art enthusiasts might wish to allocate more time. Art non-enthusiasts, you may want to spend less, and that is okay too!

Where is the Uffizi Gallery located?

The Uffizi Gallery is located at Piazzale degli Uffizi 6, 50122 in Florence, Italy.

How can I reach the Uffizi Gallery from the city center?

The gallery is centrally located and easily accessible on foot from anywhere in Florence's city center. Public buses also stop nearby. The Uffizi Gallery is a short walk from the Piazza del Duomo which is a tourist hub.

How many entrances are there at the Uffizi Gallery?

The Uffizi Gallery has three main entrances. Door 1 is for reservations, groups, and unique reservations. Door 2 is the main entrance for general visitors, and Door 3 is for skip-the-line and priority entrance ticket holders. Each entrance serves different purposes and types of visitors.

How can I optimize my visit to the Uffizi Gallery for a more personal and less crowded experience?

Consider timing your visit to sidestep the bulk of the crowd. Early mornings or late afternoons, specifically before 11am or after 4pm, are ideal for quieter gallery moments. Additionally, aiming for the months between November and March can significantly enhance your experience by offering a more serene atmosphere, allowing you to engage deeply with the Renaissance masterpieces without the peak season's rush. This strategic timing not only affords a more relaxed visit but also a chance to appreciate the art in a setting that feels more exclusive.

Can I visit the Uffizi Gallery for free?

You can visit the Uffizi Gallery for free on the first Sunday of every month. On the other days, only a few visitors enjoy free entry, such as children under 18 years and visitors with disabilities. Others will need to purchase Uffizi Gallery tickets to enter the museum.

How do I book tickets to visit Uffizi Gallery?

Tickets to the Uffizi can be booked online or bought at the ticket counter on the ground floor. It is highly recommended to use the online booking system. Online booking allows you to secure your entry in advance, avoiding long queues and ensuring a hassle-free experience. Pre-booked or skip-the-line tickets make your entry to this famed attraction breezy.

How much does it cost to visit Uffizi Gallery?

The cost of Uffizi Gallery tickets varies based on the type of ticket and experience you choose. The standard Uffizi Gallery Timed Entry Tickets are priced at €20. Guided tours offer a more immersive experience, with prices ranging from €37.44 to €97.71, depending on the tour's duration and features. Combo tickets, combining Uffizi and Accademia Gallery entry, are available at €54, while a combo city guided tour is discounted at €71.67, providing additional savings. Prices may vary, and it's recommended to check availability and features before making a reservation.

Can I visit the Uffizi Gallery with kids?

Yes, families can visit the Uffizi Gallery with their children. Facilities such as baby pit stops and changing tables are available inside the museum.

Do I need to book tickets for children?

While you don’t need to buy a ticket for children, you will get a ticket so there is accountability.

Are prams allowed in the Uffizi Gallery?

Yes, prams and pushchairs are allowed inside the Uffizi Gallery. If you're exploring the museum with little ones, you can bring along your pram. Just be cautious and attentive as you navigate through the halls, and please don't leave them unattended.

Can I visit the Uffizi Gallery in a group?

Yes, you can visit the Uffizi Gallery in a group. The gallery welcomes both individual visitors and groups. If you're part of a large tour group, or school group, or have special reservations, there is a dedicated entrance (Door 1) that is reserved for such groups. Additionally, guided group tours can elevate the experience, providing an opportunity to explore and appreciate the extensive art collection together.

What are the available amenities and assistance available for visitors with disabilities?

The gallery is accessible, with elevators, wheelchair ramps, and accessible restrooms. Wheelchairs can be borrowed, and assistance is available upon request. 

Is the Uffizi Gallery wheelchair-friendly?

Yes, the Uffizi Gallery is wheelchair-friendly. They offer priority entry, accessible ticket offices, and reservations for visitors with disabilities. An accessible entrance with an elevator is provided, along with free wheelchair and walker rentals. Electric scooters are allowed after evaluation. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are permitted. Accessible toilets are available, and prams or pushchairs for children are allowed in the museums but should not be deposited in the cloakroom.

What should I wear when visiting the Uffizi Gallery?

Wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing and shoes, as you'll be walking and standing. The gallery is climate-controlled, ensuring a pleasant visit year-round. Avoid skimpy attire, period costumes, or any outfit deemed undignified for such places.

Do visitors at the Uffizi Gallery get access to Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is available in certain areas of the Uffizi Gallery for visitors' convenience.

Are dogs allowed inside the Uffizi Gallery?

Pets are not typically allowed in the gallery, except for service animals.

Which entrance do I use if I have bought tickets online?

Online ticket holders usually enter through Door 3, designated for pre-booked tickets. This entrance helps streamline entry.

Can I bring my food and drink to the Uffizi Gallery?

No, you are not allowed to bring food or drink into the Uffizi Gallery to protect the art and architecture. You can either grab a bite at the Caffeteria Galleria Degli Uffizi, located on the Uffizi terrace, or one of the many cafes and restaurants located near the gallery before or after your visit.

Where can I find the Uffizi Gallery cafe?

The Uffizi Gallery cafe, Caffeteria Galleria Degli Uffizi, is located on the Uffizi terrace, situated on the second floor of the gallery. It offers a range of dining options from quick snacks to full meals with a view of Florence. The dining options at the Uffizi cater to various dietary restrictions, offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices.

Do I need to make a reservation at the cafe?

It's recommended to make a reservation for the rooftop restaurant, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Is outdoor seating available?

The rooftop restaurant offers outdoor seating, with a lovely, scenic backdrop of Florence!

Is photography permitted inside the Uffizi Gallery?

According to the museum's regulations, photography is generally allowed for personal and study purposes. However, the use of flash, tripods, or any professional equipment is prohibited. So, feel free to capture the beauty of the artwork with your camera or smartphone, but keep it casual without any elaborate setups.

Is there a cloakroom at the Uffizi Gallery?

Absolutely! There's a convenient cloakroom available near the museum entrance. If you have items like umbrellas, large bags, or backpacks that you'd rather not carry during your visit, you can securely store them here. The use of the cloakroom is free, making it a hassle-free option for keeping your belongings safe while you enjoy the art.

Are there shops at the Uffizi Gallery?

Yes, the Uffizi Gallery features shops with a wide array of merchandise inspired by its art collection. The main shop, located on the ground floor near the exit, offers everything from exhibition catalogs and guidebooks to prints, postcards, and unique souvenirs like t-shirts, mugs, and jewelry. Additionally, the Giunti Bookstore, opposite the ticket office, specializes in art-related publications, including art history books and educational materials for children. Visitors can also find decorative items, tableware, and accessories reflecting Renaissance art and motifs.

What type of merchandise is available in the shop?

The shop offers a variety of merchandise, including replicas of artworks, books, postcards, and unique souvenirs inspired by the gallery's collection. It also often features exclusive and limited-edition items, especially during special exhibitions or events. It’s unlikely that you’ll find these pieces elsewhere, so even if they’re slightly higher priced, get them here! You know they will be authentic.

Can I shop online?

Yes, the Uffizi Gallery offers an online shop, allowing visitors to purchase souvenirs and books from the comfort of their homes.

Do members get a discount in the shop?

Members and holders of certain passes, like the Amici degli Uffizi card, typically receive discounts in the shop.

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